Well, fun facts I suppose...

So, today we went to check out some places we were interested in. Got pre approved and shit finally. So, we were able to get the keys and look inside the places of interest instead of just peeping in the windows like creepers. Well, whilst out and about going from place to place my husband and I learn that his parents are intending to fucking leave the town they WANTED us to fucking be in. Why do you ask? Because they are now seeing how fucking DANGEROUS this shit stain town is!! I was so pissed when we fucking learned this wonder wall of shit tid bit. There was literally a double fucking homicide yesterday or the day before, and they honestly believe we are A-okay with living here knowing we have no fucking transportation of our own. Knowing the ONLY fuck all way we can get to and from place to fucking place is by walking. Da fuck are you gonna force us to stay in a fucking town that is clearly unfit to raise a child in when you, grown ass fucking adults, are wanting to flee for? In my mind I was like, "Are you literally fucking kidding me right now?" My jaw actually dropped after learning this this. I am so done with my fucking in-laws and my husband now knows it. I do not stay around them unless I absolutely have to. I even told him, first time they come the fuck over to our place unannounced just to drop by I'm leaving his fucking ass and dared him to try and stop me. He will not play the suicide card with me and force my hand to stay ever again. I have told him next time he pulls that shit I'm reporting it.

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Comments (3)

  1. pets

    Good luck I wish you the best

    March 11, 2017
    1. helloxkittie

      Thank you

      March 11, 2017
  2. pets

    Your welcome

    March 11, 2017